qtCritique Videos

Fast and easy way to learn qtCritique.
Overview Videos
A look at some of the concepts behind qtCritique.

Introducing qtCritique

A quick overview of how qtCritique works
(~2 minutes)

Heat Maps Overview

A quick look at critique heat maps
(~2 minutes)
Writing Critiques
How to write critiques.

Writing Critiques - Quick Look

A quick look at how to write critiques
(~2 minutes)

Writing Critiques - Deep Dive

An extensive look at writing critiques
(~7 minutes)

Comparing Critiques

Comparing your critiques with those by other members
(~3 minutes)
Receiving Critiques
How to post, read, and process received critiques.

Posting Submissions

How to post a submission for critique
(~6 minutes)

Receiving Critiques - Quick Look

How to read critiques after you receive them
(~2 minutes)

Organizing Critiques

Evaluate and organize the critiques you receive
(~4 minutes)
About Groups
Tutorial videos about joining, starting and running private critique groups.

Joining Private Groups

How to join a private critique group
(~2 minutes)

Starting a Private Group

How to start a private critique group
(~2 minutes)

Novel Groups

What are novel groups?
(~2 minutes)